Christian Moore


Ulf Andrén

Marketing Manager/Sales

Filip Rosendahl

Automation Sales & Marketing

Mikael Ferm

Filtration Area Sales Manager

Lars Holmgren

Automation Technician / Sales

Anders Gullberg

Electrical technician/Head of department/Sales

Katja Pyttynen

Finance officer

Patrik Josefsson


Michael Jönsson

Service parts/Support

Martin Ericsson

Constructor Head of department

Johannes Antonsson


Anders Bohman

Electrical technician supervisor

Magnus Nilsson

Electrical/Software engineer

Niklas Karlsson

Electrical technician

Glenn Claesson

Production leader

Alexander Johansson

Production line technician

Leo Hagman

Production line technician

Martin VBG Eriksson

Production line technician

Niclas Dismark

Production line technician

Ove Larsson

Production line technician

Roger Axelsson

Production line technician


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