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ACG Kinna Automatic is one of the world’s most experienced manufacturers of textile machinery. Founded in Sweden 1977, Europe has been a stronghold for several decades and today the company is offering its services on a global market. Design and manufacturing are still carried out in Sweden, using the built up know-how of generations of skilled and passionate engineers and craftsmen. Quality has always been a matter of pride and a signature attribute of ACG Kinna Automatic. It is the reliability and longevity of our machines that have earned us the trust of companies such as the world’s largest furniture and home decoration retailer, as well as Europe’s largest manufacturer of pillows and duvets.

ACG Kinna Automatic customises cost-efficient solutions for the production of pillows and quilts. The factory layout and the card production determines how the production line will be developed. Customers can take a complete line, fiber to packed pillow and quilts, or select various sections of the production line as required, with the possibility of adding other sections later. The layout of each production line is confirmed in consultation with the customer before manufacturing the machines. All machines are tested in Sweden prior to delivery, to ensure fast and cost-efficient installation. The machines are easy to operate, which shortens the learning period. ACG Kinna Automatic machines give low production costs and good, consistent product quality.

Since ACG Kinna Automatic has had a great increase the last years we have expanded our company with the rights to both AKAB of Sweden machinery and Calator of Sweden machinery. This means that we both sell their machinery solutions and spare parts, also perform repairs as well. If you have any questions regarding automatic machinery from AKAB of Sweden or Calator of Sweden, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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