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We work with our customers to deliver the best solutions wherever and whenever they are used. Our heritage, innovation and understanding of customers’ needs are second to none.

We believe in helping our customers to create profitable growth while sustaining the environment. We are a responsible industry leader that believes in good corporate citizenship.

We supply several of different types of machine solutions to suit the needs of our customers. We also develop our own state-of-the-art processing solutions and design and service complete plants.

ACG Kinna Automatic can enable producers to achieve greater overall operational efficiency, improved environmental performance and consistent product quality in their production.

ACG Kinna Automatic production solutions are based on a deep understanding of each producer’s needs,  combined with extensive processing knowledge and outstanding engineering skills. Production solutions cover everything from key components to complete production lines including automation and a lifecycle view of the investment.

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Full systems supplier every step of the way

We supply complete integrated processing, packaging and distribution lines plus stand-alone equipment, carefully tested to make sure they give you optimal performance. This means you have a short start-up time and enjoy problem-free production right from the start.

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We automate entire processing and packaging lines, train staff to operate them and assist in getting your operations up and running. Once you start production, our team will service your line and plan maintenance.

We can also help you with production planning, in-house logistical planning and packaging design.

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Finely engineered to fit individual requirements

With over 35 years’ experience, ACG Kinna Automatic has the expertise to design and manufacture tailor-made systems to the highest quality standards.

We offer complete turnkey installations including cutting, sewing, controls, folding, packing, installation and commissioning. Alternatively, we are always willing to work with customers to supply any part of the overall system.

We are also experienced in supplying upgrades, while for complex systems a fully detailed Design Study service is available.

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Fully automatic production systems, tailor-made for every customer

We offer fully automatic production lines (systems), from fabric to finished products. We offer the whole package or single machines. Our main purpose is always to increase productivity and efficiency, but we do not claim to have a universal solution for all. Our philosophy is that the highest level of automation refinement is reached by taking all aspects into consideration. What kind of equipment is used today? Can we identify the potential bottlenecks when increasing the pieces per minute? How can we add or replace machinery to meet future higher demands? How can we eliminate or reduce errors in handling? How can we lower costs for maintenance and service? We customize all machinery to suit the specific needs of every customer and we also assist in every way possible with the final implementation.


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