Sewing table line

When sewing is completed, the operator sends the finish product forward on the sewing table. When the first edge of the quilt reaches the end of the table, the ACG the extractor clamp grabs the quilt and place it on a conveyor. This conveyor system will sort and step convey the quilts into the folder. Possible option is an inspection table for quilts.


1Sewing table KA115

Sewing table KA115

The conveyor is synchronized with the sewing machine during sewing and reverses at high speed to assist turning the product, suitable for large products (quilts, bedspreads etc.) Will increase production and helps reduce the risk for repetitive injury.

The sewing table can be equipped with different types of sewing heads. It can be incorporated inline in a dispenser, folding or inspection system. A good skilled operator can sew a product size: 200cm x 200 cm in approx. 45 seconds. Max size on products: 240cm x 260cm.

2Conveyor system to folder

Conveyor system to folder

When sewing is ready, the operator sends the finish product to the folder and packing machine.

3Inspection table for quilts

Inspection table for quilts

The quilt will stop on the conveyor to be inspected, thereafter the quilt will be turned to make it possible to inspect opposite side. If a fault is detected the inspector push a button and the machine will reject the faulty product.

4Complete folding system for quilts

Complete folding system for quilts KA133

This machine first folds the quilt lengthwise and then crosswise; the finished product is then fed through a filling unit and into a bag. The folder can be used in semi-automatic mode (manual loading) or fully automatic mode in a production line.

5Filling unit adjustable KA1092

Filling unit, adjustable KA1092

This machine is used to pack pillows and quilts in plastic bags. Preselection of width and adjustable gap height.

6Rolling machine KA162

Rolling machine KA162

This machine rolls quilts and pillows. The machine can be integrated into production lines or used stand-alone. After the product has been rolled the machine pushes the product into a plastic bag which the operator has placed on the outlet nozzle.

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