Pillow line for carded fiber, overlock closure

Production line for pillows. ACG Kinna Automatic has built systems with up to 5 sewing sections, and the systems are usually tailor-made to customer needs. There are many possible packing options such as roll-pack, flat-pack, zipper-bags etc.

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1Fiber breaker

Fiber breaker

After the card and cross lapper, the fiber is fed into the breaker section and through the breaker rollers where it is broken off (cut).

2Change direction conveyor

Change direction conveyor

This unit changes the conveyor direction of the fiber so the fiber strip can be rolled up.

3Fiber rolling

Fiber rolling

The fiber rolling section rolls the fiber before it is fed into the scales or the filling unit.


4Weight scale system

Weight scale system

From the rolling section the fiber roll is conveyed onto the scale conveyor to be weighed; the results are displayed on a screen and on a light tower.

5Fiber pusher unit

Fiber pusher unit

This unit pushes the fiber into the filling unit. The card capacity determines how many fiber pusher units will be required.

6Filling unit KA1091

Filling unit KA1091

This machine is used to fill rolled wadding into pillow ticks.

7Pillow closing machine KA108

Pillow closing machine KA108

The operator places the filled pillow in 2 clamps in the pillow closing machine. The machine is designed to close the open end of the pillow by overlocking. Possible output from this machine is 9 pillows per minute.

8Levelling KA122

Levelling KA122

To have the fiber evenly distributed in the pillow, this machine distributes the fiber back towards the side that has been sewn in the pillow closing machine.

9Conveyor system

Conveyor system

The purpose of this unit is to sort pillows and create the necessary gap between them before they pass onto the production line.

10Pillow packing 1-4 pack

1-4 pack

This unit is used if more than 1 pillow needs to be packed in a bag. Up to 4 pillows can be packed in each bag. The operator selects on the HMI the number of pillows to be packed in the bag.

11Filling unit adjustable KA1092

Filling unit, adjustable KA1092

This machine is used to pack pillows and quilts in plastic bags. Preselection of width and adjustable gap height.

12Flat pack for quilts & pillows KA1631

Flat pack for quilts & pillows KA1631

The KA1631 is the newest, fastest flat pack machine in the quilt and pillow industry. Wraps up to 14 units per minute and displays your finished product with a high-quality appearance and secure seals.

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