Binding line, fully automatic

Machine line for edge binding quilts and bed-spreads, fully automatic. Different set-ups are available, such as different infeed systems, number of sewing stations, number of label inserters and ways of folding and packing, according to customers’ needs and demands.

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1Long side sewing KA1041

Long side sewing KA1041

Overlock sews both sides of the material continuously. Can be placed as a standalone unit and fed from a roll or in line with carder and multi-needle machine.

2Cutting unit for quilted fabric

This device measures the length of material and then cut it. This machine can be used in a variety of machine lines.

3Distributor elevator

Distributor elevator

This unit distributes the panel to correct level

4Binding machine in-line KA145

Binding machine in-line KA145

The fabric is transported to next free sewing station, where it is bound around all sides with round corners. The tape is trimmed and reloaded automatically. The end of the tape is in-folded at the end and the thread is cut. It is possible to add 2 sections in a row if there is need for higher production. After sewing the quilt is transported out onto the stacking table or directly into the folding and packing machines.

5Weighing scale for quilts

Weighing scale for quilts

After sewing, the quilt can be conveyed into a scale conveyor to be weighed; the results are displayed on a screen and on a light tower.

6Complete folding system for quilts

Complete folding system for quilts KA133

This machine first folds the quilt lengthwise and then crosswise; the finished product is then fed through a filling unit and into a bag. The folder can be used in semi-automatic mode (manual loading) or fully automatic mode in a production line.

7Longitudinal rolling machine KA105

Longitudinal rolling machine KA105

If rolling in two directions is wanted this machine will do the longitudinal rolling.

8Filling unit adjustable KA1092

Filling unit, adjustable KA1092

This machine is used to pack pillows and quilts in plastic bags. Preselection of width and adjustable gap height.

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